1 The student said to the teacher: Is the student punished for something he did not do?
The teacher told him: No!
The boy said to him: I did not do school 

2 A new prisoner entered the prison, and the prison director told him: This is a Nmodji prison … that is, we allow the prisoner to do the work he was doing ……… What profession was you practicing outside the prison?
The prisoner replied, “I was the door guard.”

3 Teacher: The student asks: How do I cool the milk?
The student said: We put the cows in the refrigerator

4 A young man asked his father: How much does it cost to get married, Father? He answered: I do not know my son, but until now I am still paying the price

5 She told her husband’s wife that she dreamed yesterday that she had bought me a beautiful dress
The husband replied, dream this night, wearing the dress