One day, while a pregnant woman is shopping at the store, a conflict breaks out and she is shot. They take him to the hospital immediately. The doctor said to the woman after the surgery, “Ma’am, you are in danger of life. However, we could not take two courses. One of them is your child to be born and something else will arrive at your child. If we take it out now, they’ll die. But don’t worry, they will throw these bullets from their bodies in the future.

The woman gave birth. The children are healthy. Years have passed. One day the girl shouted in the garden, “Mom, come quickly!” “What happened, daughter?” he ran. “Look, a piece of iron came out of my mother body. The woman was delighted: “Don’t worry. The doctor said. Look, you threw the bullet out of your body. A few days later, this time the boy shouted. “Mom mother come quickly!” The woman ran again in a hurry: “What happened, son?”, “Mom, I shot the cat while masturbating!”