A young man gets a flat tire and must find a place to stay for the night…
He knocks on the door of a nearby house and an old man greets him. The old man hears out the young mans predicament, and allows him to stay for a night. Later the young man hears strange noises coming from a red door on the other side of his room but goes to sleep anyway. Asking the old man the next morning what made those noises, he told him:

“I can’t tell you, you’re not a priest.”

The young man takes off and several years pass. Coincidentally, the same series of events happen later on where the young man gets another flat tire and goes to the old mans house knowing of his past generosity. Once again the old man allows him to stay the night, and once again the younger man hears weird noises from the red door across the room where he sleeps. The next morning he asks the old man what the noises are and he tells him:

“I can’t tell you, you’re not a priest.”

But this time, the young man IS a priest because he has finished that schooling and gotten a job at his local church. Telling the old man this, he is given a set of rainbow keys and is led to the red door. Putting the red key in the red door, the young man opens it and the old man tells gestures to him to move forward on his own.

After walking down a long hallway the man finds an orange door where he uses the orange key to open the orange door and he turns left. He walks down another long hallway and finds a yellow door which he opens with the yellow key. Turning right this time, he walks down one more hallway and opens a green door with the green key. Going down a flight of stairs he unlocks the blue door with predictable methods now and with little light remaining in the room he locates the purple door. Finally opening it with the last key, the young man gazed upon the source of the noises causing his confusion.

“What was it that caused the noise??” you are probably asking…


I can’t tell you, you’re not a priest.