A man was having a few in the local bar

when he noticed a sailor sitting at the other end of the bar. The sailor had a completely normal physique except for one anomaly: his head was tiny, about the size of an orange.

The man stared at the sailor in puzzlement, and after a few more drinks screwed up his courage to go over and ask the sailor how his condition had come about.

The sailor took the question in good humor, and explained that some time ago he had been shipwrecked. “I came to,” he explained, “on this beautiful little beach, and heard this sad little whimpering sound behind some rocks on the shore. Investigating, I saw that it was this gorgeous mermaid who had been stranded on the rocks, so I carried her back to the water's edge. And she was so grateful that she promised to grant me any three wishes. Well, as you can imagine, my first wish was that I get off that god-forsaken island in one piece. “ 'I’ll grant you that one after you've had the first two,' she said. "So next I told her I'd like to be rich beyond dreams. And—whammo—there on the beach appeared a chest full of gold and jewels. And then, being a normal sort of guy—and she was cute, believe me—I asked if we could make love."

'Look at me,' said the mermaid. 'It's easy to see I'm not built for that sort of thing.' “So I says to her, 'Okay, how about a little head!'”