An 89 year old man goes to the urologist

“Doc,” he says, “I need a vasectomy.”

“A vasectomy? Why in the world would you need a vasectomy at your age?”

“Well doc, I just married a beautiful 22-year-old woman, and last night she told me she was pregnant! I can’t have more kids at my age!”

The doc thought for a second and said, “Let me tell you a story. This man went out for a walk in the woods, and he saw a huge bear. The bear started charging at him. He was a goner for sure, but at the last minute he held up his fingers, went ‘bang’ and the bear fell dead from a gunshot to the head.”

The old man looked at the doc incredulously “Impossible! Someone else must have shot that bear!”

The doc said “I think that’s what happened in your case as well.”