A young lady is working at an old people’s home when she walks into an old gentleman’s room.

He’s holding a set of photographs and looks upset.

“What’s the matter?” She asks

“I’ve got no-one to pass these onto to when I go”. Says the old man, looking at his photos

“Let me show you” and he presents her with a photo of an old car,

“this is my vintage E type Jaguar. It’s priceless and in pristine condition”

“I’ll… I’ll let you have it if you just give me a quick flash of those lovely melons.”

Interested in the prospect of inheriting the old man’s car and feeling a bit sorry for the old geezer, she agrees and proceeds to undress for him.

Looking visibly happier, he pulls out another photo,

“This is my house in Devon. It’s an 8 bedroom mansion with a swimming pool and 25 acres of land.”

“You can have it, only, I’d love to see those melons bouncing.

She thinks about this for a few seconds, then agrees and proceeds to jump up and down topless in front of the old man.

Now vibrant, the old man grabs another photo and says ...